2006 Ritual Competition


Remember that old saying we have heard many times, “Its not if you win or lose its how you play the game”? The Grand Lodge Executive and Ritual Committees recognize the importance of ritual excellence within California as either motivating or discouraging future enlightenment for Candidates, Officers and Members of a Lodge. We strive to develop the best ritual possible. To accomplish this goal, The Ritual Committees set forth to search the State of California for the Best Ritual Team.

The four lodges in our District combined into The 449th District Ritual Team. Grand Master Sorsabal’s theme for the year was “United We stand, Together We Can Make a Difference.” So back to the old saying, its not if we win or lose its if and how we compete. And putting a twist on the Grand Master’s theme, “UNITED TOGETHER” we can make a difference.

2006 – 449th District Degree Team                                                            

After winning their divisional competition against the other competing lodges in Southern California, the 449th District Degree Team competed against the other divisional winners from around the state. The ultimate result was a win! Our District Degree Team executed the second section of the third degree almost flawlessly to claim the state championship! The team was led by Worshipfuls Russ Baldauf, John Allen, Frank Postmus, and Ron Perry. In addition to Russ and Ron, taking part from our lodge were Michael Coe and Ethan Maxon. Congratulations to our District Inspector, the District Degree Team, and to the district as a whole.