Hiram Award


The Hiram Award is given to a Brother Mason in recognition of service to the fraternity or mankind in general. It is intended for a Brother who, year after year, displays his devotion without receiving special recognition or special honor. Every Lodge has many such members. They are the living cement that binds our fraternity into a Brotherhood. You can find them at labor in kitchens, the coaching rooms, the committees, his church and community helping his fellow man, anywhere a true and steady hand of assistance is needed. Below is a list of those brothers so honored by this Lodge for their dedicated service to our Lodge, Masonry in general and mankind.




Hiram Award Recipients – Temecula Catalina Island No. 524


2014 – Fred Timm

2013 – Alan Bergstrom

2011 – Ralph F. Wetmore

2010 – William F. Kinnick

2009 – James J. McGrath

2007 – John D. De Lozier

2006 – Jesse D. Mc Nair

2005 – Ronald C. Perry

2004 – Thomas K. Hafeli

2003 – Harvey H. Cowell

2002 – Fred A. Jordan, Jr.

2001 – Ralph O. Beattie, Jr.

1998 – Jack H. Devers, Sr.

1997 – Lester M. Starbuck

1996 – Russell L. Baldauf

1994 – Charles J. Liefer

1993 – John N. Sapp

1992 – Alfred C. Larson

1991 – Adam R. David

1990 – Armin H. Soll, Jr.

1979 – Herbert A. Wegmann