Sweethearts Dinner 2019

All Members, Widows and potential members are cordially invited to join us for our Annual Sweethearts Dinner this Sunday at 4 PM.

We’ll be having a fine semi-private dinner arrangement at the Black Angus in Temecula.

There is a limited menu and we’ve already fixed the pricing to be the following:
$35 per person with no dessert or $45 per person with a dessert each.

Limited menu for Sweethearts Dinner Temecula Masons

It will be a single bill for all food and non-alcoholic beverages so please either make arrangements to pay by credit card before or cash the day of. All alcoholic beverages will be on a separate check for each couple/person and can be paid through the restaurant’s normal processing.

Please RSVP at https://temeculamasons.org/sweethearts/

Welcome Brother Becvar

We took pleasure in initiating Mr. Becvar into our craft on Monday night and are now pleased to call him Brother!

Please welcome Brother Becvar the next time you see him. He has now entered upon the first of many steps in his Masonic journey.

Thank you also to all of the traveling Brothers who participated in this joyous occasion. We had Brothers helping from Murrieta, Oceanside, and Fallbrook. We also had some first visitors from numerous lodges outside as well as support from our district Brethren from Hemet and Menifee.

Such a great night for us in Masonry.

B∴ Taggett

First Mystery Dinner 2019

Temecula Freemasons successfully held our first Mystery Dinner of the new year.

Including Brothers, Sisters, children, and guests we had a total of 22 people in attendance.

As with most of our mystery dinner events we stayed locally in Temecula. Everyone enjoyed their meal and no one had a single complaint about the food served.

We’d highly suggest Il Tramonto Ristorante in old town. Although we were a fairly large party the food was delicious and the service was reasonable for a Saturday.

Hope to see everyone plus more at our next one.

F∴ & S∴

Brother Taggett

This Week’s Masonic Events (14 January)

Good Day Brethren, Sisters and Visitors,

This year is really starting to pick up. Here are the upcoming events for the remainder of the week.

Tonight (14 January) – We’re hosting Officer’s School of Instruction which starts at 7 PM. (Master Masons)

Saturday (19 January) – Mystery Dinner. We meet at the lodge at 5 PM and then caravan to a local restaurant. Please RSVP as the place we’re going to isn’t a very large venue. (Public Welcome)

Looking forward to seeing each of you there!

F∴ & S∴

Brother Taggett

Temecula Masons Food Drive

This years food drive was a success! We fed almost 100 families that live in and around Temecula plus an additional 200 families in surrounding cities. In total the Temecula Freemasons along with the Brothers from Hemet and Menifee fed 300 families. Each family received enough food to last them twenty plus days during this holiday season.

Temecula worked in conjunction with a local nonprofit by the name of Community Mission of Hope to find the families in need. The early morning crew arrived at 7:30 AM to go retrieve and load the food from the local distribution areas.

Family members of all ages were present to help distribute the food with the youngest daughter being only 4 years old and the oldest Master Mason at 71 years old. There were also many helping hands from our local Jobs Daughters Bethel #165.

Our goal is to continue raising the number of families we can support each year. This year there was a small hiccup with the supplier which didn’t allow us to provide for as many families as initially hoped.

We raise money through Charity Golf tournaments put together by Worshipful Brother Allan Bowman and donations provided by Brothers throughout the year. This year a big thank you goes to TemCat Worshipful Brothers Carl Black and John Mc Goldrick because without them Temecula Catalina Island Lodge wouldn’t have been able to support even a single family.

This was a very successful year for local Community Outreach. Let us make an even bigger difference in 2019 with the support of each Brother of our lodge.

F∴ & S∴

Bro∴ Taggett

Winterfest 2018 at Temecula Catalina Lodge

Yesterday, we had a wonderful Winterfest celebration. Which included plenty of food, family and friends. Another added bonus, we had two Lance Corporals from the United States Marine Corps join us. They picked up our Toys for Tots donations.

We started at 4:00 PM and carried on for several hours with light holiday music playing in the background. W∴ M∴ English gave a nice thank you speech which included mentioning the Toys for Tots. It was a joint effort from everyone and not anyone in particular. We had three turkeys, a baked ham, different types of casseroles, and plenty of scratch made items.

A special thanks goes to W∴ B∴ Black for his efforts in setting up the dining room and B∴ Sec∴ Hafeli for cooking two turkeys. Also to the clean up crew which was mostly B∴ Tribble (dish duty), B∴ Santos, Mr. Lopez (applicant), and Mr. Evans (prospect).